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FEI & FEI Young Horse Workshop with Kathy Connelly

Heidi rode both of her horses in a clinic with Kathy Connelly at Legacy USA Stables in Burr Ridge, IL. Kathy is one of the leading international riders, trainers and coaches in the United States. She has won National titles at all FEI levels, including the United States Grand Prix Champion and the United States World Cup Champion. She has represented the United States Dressage Team at the World Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden and was the highest placed member of the Grand Prix bronze medal team at the North American Championships. Kathy has trained extensively in Europe with the late Herbert Rehbein from Germany. Heidi and Celeste, a 5-year-old Rheinlander mare, worked on transitions, using trot/walk transitions to improve the trot/canter transitions. Celeste was nervous about the canter depart and wanted to rush into the canter, but the trot/walk transitions helped keep her on the aids and balanced for the canter transition. Click her for video of Celeste Heidi and Donna, a 13-year-old Oldenburg mare, worked on the Prix St. Georges movements and Donna showed why flying changes and tempis are "her favorite flavor of ice cream." After showing off her 3- and 2-tempis, Donna was able to do several 1-tempis, by focusing on straightness and keeping the shoulders up in the changes. Click her for video of Donna

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